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Client access

Our values

« We are customer-centric, our vocation is to support them. »

At BATT & ASSOCIES, in addition to their own expertise, our associates and Group members share common values we bring to our practice.

Our code of conduct, COOPERATE, promotes teamwork, respect, open-mindedness, and commitment.

ConfidenceThink and act in our clients’ best interests. Work with confidence and trust.
OptimizationWork as a team using the appropriate skills and technology.
Open-mindednessBe curious, enthusiastic, and remain flexible.
PertinenceAdapt to clients’ needs, be concrete and realistic.
EngagementCommit and be a driving force.
RespectBe respectful and attentive to the needs of others.
AccuracyThink critically. Check and control to secure our standards of quality.
TimelinessRespond quickly and appropriately to requests.