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Trinome Expertise

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Trinome Expertise is an accounting firm dedicated to Social and Economic Committees

Based in Paris, the firm operates throughout France

With its skills and 10 years of experience, it offers the following services to the CSE

  • Economic, strategic and social expertise
  • Accounting assistance
  • Advice
  • Training

Economic, strategic and social assessments provided for by law

  • Economic and financial situation of the company
  • Strategic orientations
  • Social policy, working conditions and employment
  • Right to an economic warning
  • Employment protection plan
  • Merger operation
  • Collective performance agreement
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Contractual tasks

  • Accounting assistance to the ETUC
  • Management advice to the ETUC
  • Free expert reports
  • Assistance in negotiating agreements (profit-sharing, incentive schemes, etc.)





  • Legal economic training
  • Training on the role of the treasurer and the accounting of the CSE
  • Training on the social rules applicable to the CSE









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Philippe Breut

  1. Philippe BREUT
  2. Chartered Accountant
  4. 01 40 38 58 97
  5. 06 04 52 67 64
  6. 14 rue de l’aqueduc 75010 Paris