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Defi Azimut: Violette Dorange takes on the sea!

The Defi Azimut is about to thrill sailing and innovation enthusiasts, and among the participants is our skipper, Violette Dorange, alongside her teammate Damien Guillou. Violette Dorange, aged just 22, is a young sailing prodigy. She made her mark on her sport by completing the first Optimist Channel crossing between the Isle of Wight and Cherbourg in May 2016, followed by the first Optimist crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar in 2017. Violette also set a record by becoming the youngest person to cross the Atlantic in a solo race in the 2019 Mini Transat. In 2020, she became the youngest woman to take part in the prestigious Solitaire du Figaro. Her courage, determination and talent make her an eminent figure in ocean sailing.

What is the Azimuth Challenge?
The Défi Azimut transcends simple competition at sea to become an emblematic event, where seasoned sailors and sailing enthusiasts come together, united by their love of the sea and their desire to push back their limits. This event is much more than just a race; it’s a laboratory for innovation, where participants are encouraged to experiment with new strategies, rethink their approaches and test cutting-edge technologies. The Azimut Challenge is the place where innovative ideas come to life, where technological solutions are put to the test in real-life conditions, contributing to the constant evolution of offshore sailing.

Bon Vent to Violette and Damien
Violette Dorange and teammate Damien Guillou set sail on Thursday September 21 at 12:30 p.m. for a 48-hour adventure in the Défi Azimut. We’re with these exceptional sailors every wave, every headwind. We’re sending them all our positive energy and support for this race, which combines performance, innovation and strategy.

May the sea be kind to Violette, Damien, and all the participants in the Défi Azimut for this great sporting moment!