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A gesture of solidarity: Batt takes part in Opération Brioche de l’Amitié in Nancy

In a show of solidarity and community involvement, Batt has renewed its support for Opération Brioche de l’Amitié, a philanthropic initiative orchestrated by the Association Éducation Insertion Meurthe et Moselle (AEIM). Once again this year, the emblematic brioches made their appearance in Nancy, bringing with them a message of sharing and mutual aid. With no fewer than 35 establishments dedicated to supporting people with disabilities, AEIM is a pillar of social inclusion in Meurthe et Moselle.

Towards an inclusive crèche: a hopeful project

This year, the funds raised through Opération Brioche de l’Amitié will be used to finance the creation of an inclusive crèche. The crèche will be designed to accommodate children with a wide range of needs, including those with disabilities. Scheduled to open in 2026, this initiative promises to transform standards in early childhood care.

Mobilising for solidarity

Although this year’s action is over, we invite everyone to consider taking part in this noble cause next year. The brioches, symbols of sharing and generosity, were available at various sales outlets in Nancy and the surrounding area. To set up this type of initiative within your company, please contact the association: Inclusion et bien-être pour tous – AEIM

Together, we can make a difference!