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Batt Audit COFRAC certified: a new step towards sustainability for our customers!

Certification you can trust

Our Batt Audit team recently took a significant step forward in its commitment to sustainability. By obtaining accreditation from the Comité Français d’Accréditation (COFRAC), our team is now one of the Independent Third-Party Bodies (ITBs) authorised in France to verify the environmental, social and governance data in the Extra-Financial Performance Statements (EFPS) for the 2023 and 2024 financial years.

A guarantee of reliability for our customers

For our customers, this certification provides assurance as to the reliability of their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data and facilitates their transition to the sustainability report required by the Commission des Normes Comptables (CSRD). It is a further step towards transparency and credibility for their activities in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

A renewed commitment

The credit for this achievement goes to our partners, Jehanne Garrait and Isabelle Sagot, and their dedicated teams, whose expertise and determination were essential in achieving this accreditation. This certification demonstrates our commitment to supporting our clients in their sustainability objectives, providing them with quality services and helping them to strengthen their reputation and trust among their stakeholders.

Ready to take the next step? If you too would like to take the next step towards sustainability, contact us today to find out how Batt Audit can help you!